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Name Charm
Breed French Bulldog
Sex Male
Age 10 Weeks
Color Blue
Status Available


Charm is a Blue French Bulldog Puppies 10 Weeks old. Mom is 19 lbs Dad is 23 lbs so he will be small as an adult ! He will come with Vet checked , one year health guarantee , current vaccines , dewormed , microchipped , litter box trained and a puppy package.

Blue French Bulldog Puppies

The Blue Merle French Bulldog is usually called a blue-gene dog breed but in actuality they are black Frenchie’s that base color has been slightly diluted giving their hair a blue hue. Blue Merle French Bulldogs have an interesting eye appearance. They get to maintain bright blue eyes through puppyhood into adulthood and then still maintain lighter eye colors than standard French Bulldogs.

The Blue French Bulldog is especially unique boasting a dilute bluish gray coat. These dogs are usually a solid color, but white patches on their chest and belly are not uncommon.

If you have ever walked around any major city, chances are you have already seen this pup out and about. Due to its compact size and low exercise requirements, many city dwellers choose this lovable canine as their pet.

Are blue French bulldogs good pets?


The Blue French Bulldog is a color variety of the French Bulldog. They were bred for companionship and were designed to be the perfect house pet. Due to their small size this dog is perfect for apartment life. Like the French Bulldog, the Blue French Bulldog is a stocky but small dog.

French Bulldog has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built, and of medium or small structure. The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog. They were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris, France.

In 2015, they were the fourth most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom and in the U.S. the sixth most popular AKC registered dog breed. They were rated the third most popular dog in Australia in 2017.


Doggy Bag: Starter potty pads, First outfit, Blanket, Favorite toy, and a baggy of the current puppy food.

Fecal check for ANY intestinal infections by our Vet

Current on Shots & De-wormings. Dewormings by our Vet + by us every 2 weeks since birth (Records Included)

Current Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection

Current Puppy Check-Up Form.

First bortella (kennel cough) vaccine

Complete Vet Check

Certified Health Certificate

One Year WRITTEN Health Warranty

Registerable: AKC /APRI / ACA / CPR / CKC / NKC full registration.

important information for future pet owners

Some Pets Take Time to Adjust

You may fall in love at first sight with your new pet, but it will take time for you both to adjust to your life together. Animals are sensitive to change and may appear frightened when you first bring them home. You may even feel a little anxious yourself.

The best way to help you both settle into your new life is to form a solid daily routine. Keep feedings at the same time every day. Take your dog out for a couple of walks around the new neighborhood to allow him/her a chance to explore and expel energy. Try to stay positive and patient as your pet learns their new surroundings.

5 reviews for Charm

  1. Terry Hensley

    Maizey has been quite the treat!! She came from a wonderful home and we are so lucky to have her. I was super skeptical about buying online….thank goodness the experience was very positive!! bulldog shelter home! returned my calls or emails promptly. Again, I am grateful for trusting the system and it all working out!!

  2. Bradley Lowe

    Pup delivered to doorstep on date promised. Everyone very pleasant to deal with

  3. Steven Popham

    My dog is very healthy and I am so happy. I wish I had more photos and videos along the way while I waited. It would have been nice to have connected to the actual breeder in advance somehow so I felt more secure. But this was the real deal and in the end I got my puppy deliver on time.

  4. Aidan Riley

    Amazing service to provide a safe and comfortable transition for Ricky to our home.

  5. Roland Newcomb

    I was impressed with bulldog shelter home!. They delivered a beautiful dog to my family, and the updates along the way were pretty good. The one thing I would suggest is when reaching out to customer, I would prefer a “person” rather than a computer message. It’s more personal. Other than that, great job! THANK YOU!

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